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Sales teams are the bloodline of the organisation. They bring the resources that enable an organization to continue functioning, continue hiring, and continue growing. Today, sales tools are focused on automating workflows. We want to revolutionise the sales space to focus on not just saving time, but converting more clients. How can we equip Sales teams during the call itself, with knowledge of what to do to win over a client? We’re reshaping the future of sales, where every interaction counts, every moment is optimised, and every Sales team member reaches their full potential. Together, we are redefining success in the world of sales.

The founding team

CEO & Co-Founder

Putting the 'exec' in executive and the 'fun' in funding rounds. Boosting morale and caffeine levels company-wide. Because leading with a smile burns more calories.

CTO & Co-Founder

Turning coffee into code, one line at a time. Because who needs sleep when you can have a debug party?


The Yoda of the corporate galaxy, with 40+ years of wisdom and a lightsaber-sharp focus on managing people and scaling companies. Do or do not, there is no try.

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